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Contract disputes in the construction industry often become stressful for all parties involved. When progress on your development halts due to contract disputes, call on the knowledgeable construction lawyers of Giannasca & Shook, PLLC.  Our experience in the field gives us a thorough understanding of construction law and the hard-working nature of those in the business, and we strive to give straightforward, efficient legal service at reasonable rates to assist you.

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Contract disputes can be a major hindrance to progress on construction projects. In some extreme cases, lengthy disputes come with the risk of losing the title to the property and jeopardizing the financial arrangements you’ve made. Additionally, these disputes distract workers and managers from focusing on the work at hand.

Often the most cost effective manner to deal with contract disputes is to avoid them in the first place. The attorneys at Giannasca & Shook have negotiated hundreds of contracts, for both public and private projects, and have saved their clients significant time and money by ensuring that agreements are clear and as fair and balanced as possible.

The attorneys at Giannasca & Shook are also intimately familiar with the terms and claim procedures found in the various contracts utilized by public owners. Many an unwary contractor has unwittingly forfeited an otherwise meritorious claim by failing to adhere to the very strict notice and claim procedures found in these contracts.  An early consult with Giannasca & Shook, before embarking upon a public project, can be extremely valuable as you will be given the confidence that you will recognize and properly document any claims that you may encounter.

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